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Mortgages in Australia is becoming more and more complex and confusing for customers. As a result, customers at times end up borrowing from high cost lenders or a product which is not suitable for them.

We at Vlend, as the finance broker Melbourne, strongly believe in putting our customers first and working with them as a trusted partner to ensure their borrowing objectives are met without any hassles in providing mortgage at its best rates.

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Make home lending effortless so that you can focus on choosing your dream home

Finance brokers Melbourne make home lending effortless so that you can
focus on choosing your dream home

Finance Brokers Brisbane: Our Story

We understand lending…as Customers, when we bought our first home in Australia; as Bank Employees, we understood end to end lending process. We got to see some of the customer frustrations, pain points and also what worked well for them…as Friend and Family members, we experienced some very happy moments as a result of choosing the right lending partner and on the other side saw them going through all the confusions, tedious process of submitting documents, answering endless questions and going through anxious moments before getting a final loan approval.
Finance Brokers Brisbane

We are now committed to use all the knowledge of regulatory requirements, lending processes to understand your situation and identifying the right finance broker for you who can make the entire borrowing process a breeze for you. We will recommend a finance broker Brisbane that is best suited for you and your circumstances, in no case ever our recommendations will be influenced by incentives we receive from brokers or aggregators.

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We work with you as trusted partner to understand your needs and situation

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What Does This Mean For You

To you it means a FASTER, EASIER AND CHEAPER home loan solution in Melbourne and Brisbane. And that means no hassle for you.




You can expect to deal with Human. Yes, we are human. In today’s world of artificial intelligence, long IVR menus, complex processes, bots, we are proud to say we are still all about personal touch, listening to your story, understanding your requirements, being available at the dial of a number when you have a question and genuine care is at the heart of everything we do.

Having said that we have robust processes, innovative technology and teams at the back end to make this happen for you and take all the hassle out of the borrowing process.

Looking forward to hearing your story soon over a coffee catch-up.

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100% Free Consultation | Trusted Mortgage Broker | Zero Hassle Policy