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Why Are Doctors Eligible for Special Discounts for Home Loans?

Several lenders offer a wide range of home loan packages for the professionals such as lawyers, accountants, doctors and engineers. However, you can easily get the best home loans for medical professionals when it comes to home loans. Nonetheless, doctors should work with professional mortgage brokers to help them get the best interest rates. 

The numerous availability of home loans for medical professionals can eventually prove helpful in the long run. If you are a doctor or dentist, you will be eligible for the best home loans. 

To avail of the best home loans for doctors, you should be registered with the Medical Practitioners Board of Australia or a similar body. Depending on the requirement, the doctors can also negotiate the interest rates. They are the lowest-risk borrowers, so banks will agree to the demands. 

Doctors and home loans

The doctors are usually given home loans with lenders’ mortgage insurance waivers. The home loans for medical practitioners will also be available at a discounted rate. However, working with a mortgage broker can provide all the benefits and also save a significant amount. 

There are certain rules for home loans in Australia when doctors apply. If they fail to meet the conditions, they may not get the discount. However, if they meet the criteria, they can actually save a significant sum of money. 

The mortgage brokers can help you calculate the home loan rates. Furthermore, they can also contribute towards savings. You may use a mortgage payment calculator to understand the interest rates and benefits. There are different home loans for doctors in the market, and each of them has its own perks. 

It is advisable to compare the perks of different plans to understand which one will suit you the best. Once you decide on purchasing the property, you can get in touch with expert brokers that will help you get the best home loan deal. 

Why should doctors work with mortgage brokers?

Once medical professionals decide to purchase a property, working with a mortgage broker can be of great help. Some of the common reasons why doctors should work with mortgage brokers include the following:

  • The mortgage brokers usually do all the heavy lifting to get the best property loan for you. They will conduct proper research and help you find a property or deal that fits all your requirements. 
  • Doctors are very busy, and therefore they may not have enough time to manage the process. They will eventually consider hiring a mortgage broker who will get half of the things done on their behalf. 
  • The mortgage brokers know about different deals that can eventually be beneficial for you in the long run. They will compare all the deals and help you finalize one that fits your requirements. They will help you with LMI and service fee waivers, which will eventually save a significant sum of money. 

If you are in search of the best home loans for doctors, Vlend can help you with it. Our professional mortgage brokers know the market entirely and are also familiar with the rules. As a result, you can get the best deal in no time.


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